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Woo Hoo Wacom Tablet!

2009-11-15 07:12:38 by Blazingturkey

Well I finally got a hold of a wacom tablet (a bamboo one to be precise) and to commemorate such an event I drew this in flash cs3

Woo Hoo Wacom Tablet!


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2009-12-06 17:05:01

you send me one of them adn I'll scout you

Blazingturkey responds:

sorry it's taken so long for me to respond I don't normally look at my past entry's because I guessed no one would comment on them, I will have to decline, no offense but I honestly want nothing to do with the clock crew or any large group on newgrounds, because I reckon after too long of being with a group its expected that you do similar stuff, and in all fairness I wanna just mess about on here, I don't really care if i get scouted or not. So I'm sorry (for declining and the stupidly long explanation)